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Highly Efficient Gas Line Repair

The safety of your gas line is important to us. Gas leaks can quickly become a very serious matter. If you suspect there may be a gas leak inside your home or at your place of work, Halfar Plumbing will provide efficient repair and installation services you can count on.

All Work Done in Concert With the Gas Company

We will work in concert with the gas company to determine the cause and the solution to whatever issue you may have. If you smell gas (rotten egg smell), turn the gas off if possible and call us immediately. Our team will come out, detect the leak and repair it. We offer 24-hour emergency services. 

Expert Gas Line Repair

  • Repair: fittings, small leaks, or elbows
  • Replacement pipe if you have a hole
  • Installation: run gas to a stove, or gas dry to a fireplace gas 
  • Appliances, remodel, relocation
  • New appliance installation 
  • Indoor and outdoor, gas grills, fire pits
  • Residential and commercial 
  • Gas generator line installs 
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